[Strawbale] National groups A ESBG 2011 - polish idea (Pawel Sroczynski)

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Mon May 24 21:48:29 CEST 2010

Dear all,

I'm sorry there didn't seem to be any feed back for Pawel's suggestion?

We're very open for solutions, and I personally find Pawel's idea good. 
Only draw-back I can think of is the issue whether the particular 
national organization which takes care of the selection, is one which is 
recognized and respected by all 'balers' of that particular country. 
Case example then I would not be able (at present) to suggest any 
organization in Czech Republic to fulfill this task.

So, please, contribute to finding a solution!

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> Hello Group ;-)
> I'm writing to you regarding ESBG 2011. As far as I know there will be
> limited places for each country. As a coordinator of COHABITAT GROUP NETWORK
> (www.cohabitat.net) - network for natural building in Poland I would like to
> share with you my idea for the process of organisation the representative
> group in Poland.
> The main idea is to further integrate polish community (as we don't have
> national SB organisation so far) through doing something together. The plan
> is to send information to all interested people, that we are going to
> organise group for ESBG. These people will be asked to propose somebody they
> feel would be the best person for going in behalf of everybody. Everyone can
> propose more than one person. Each proposal will have to be justified. There
> would be no option for self-propose.
> Next step would be to ask every person from the gathered list of people to
> write a proposal. It would be a short information with the ideas of how that
> person will share knowledge gained at ESBG with others and why he/she thinks
> can handle the task.
> After that I will send these proposals to everybody in the community with a
> request for voting. First 5 people with the biggest support from the
> community will gain honour to become representative of Poland. It  would be a
> commitment at the same time as it would be a volunteer job in spreading the
> information after coming back.
> What do you think about it ? If you can agree with me I would like to ask
> responsible people for giving me the exclusive licence for organise this
> process in Poland and refer everybody from my country to me. If not I'm open
> to any comments and open discussion.
> [image: esbg.jpg]
> Best wishes!! :-)

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