[Strawbale] Moisture monitor, logger and alarm

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Mon May 24 20:09:31 CEST 2010

Hello Norbert!

Thanks for your mail and for your work!

As you might know i've build the 1.System in Strohpolis 7Linden,
and later 4 more Systems together with a partner, 
who did the programming work.

Our System was ment to monitor the relative Moisture content (rHum)
in the surrounding air of the strawbales in several deep-positions in the 
wall and also in several places, so that we had a quite complex System
with an usual amount of 3X5=15 combined Sensors, rHum and T means 30 Sensors. 

I'm not active any more in producing and selling the System, but
I'd like to share my experience so that you don't have to repeat our mistakes...
In order to get a clear picture, I would like to know some "intimate" technical details, see below:

- Which sensores are you using for moisture and for temperature?
- Do you connect one Channel to each sensors or are you using a Bus-System?
- Which components do you buy and which do you produce by yourself?

With friendly regards from Portugal!


Dipl. Ing Ingo F. Behrens
Vale Rodrigo
P7630-364 Colos

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> Betreff: [Strawbale] Moisture monitor, logger and alarm

> Hello,
> I have developed a multi-sensor moisture monitor, logger and alarm,
> mainly for straw bale buildings.
>     http://moisture-monitor.com
> Have made, tested and installed a few in straw bale houses, but have not
> yet done any larger production, because although moisture is a prominent
> theoretical concern, how many straw or other "bio" builders are prepared
> to invest a little money in long term monitoring of their house or
> structure?
> The idea behind the product is that it should be:
> - useful, gives an early indication of moisture problems
> - affordable
> - easy to install
> - easily used and understood, not demanding any technical skills
> - low maintenance, just replace the battery once a year
> - available also in a lower-cost kit version
> - helpful for the wider acceptance of strawbale buildings
> I would greatly appreciate any feedback on whether you would use such a
> device in your strawbale house
> Norbert Payne
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