[Strawbale] sb house in Roumania

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Dear Rene,
Thank you for info. I will go mid august in the region north of brasov and I'll 
try to find the house. My goal is to find a good structural engineer for my sb 
house and my architect know somebody there. Could you tell me the name of the 
factory near Sh. Gheorghe? 

best regards


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Dear Alex,

The SB house that I visited in 2007 is in the vicinity of Sft George (near 
Brasov). It is quite high up in the hills and quite speciall it had for a long 
time a passive ventilation system which functioned quite well until just shortly 
before I visited it. The project had been abandoned a year before due to lack of 
finances. Some years before that I was made aware of it by Erwin Schwarzmuller 
from Austria. As far as I can remember he was involved as architect. 

I work with a factory situated near to Sft George for pre-fab wood frame 
elements one of the projects 
http://gallery.mac.com/rdalmeij#100008&bgcolor=black&view=grid I was involved in 
used pre-fab SB elements fabricated by them.

Basking in the sun on reclaimed land near Amsterdam
Rene Dalmeijer

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> Hello Dave,
> Where have you seen in romania?
> I am from romania and i"ll start building a straw bale house next year?

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