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Thanks for all the replies about this
complicate subject...

In wood the concentration of formaldehyd is very low,
and won´t be there for a long time.
According to Hans Ulrich Krieg from the eco-Umweltinstitut:
0,002 ppm beech
0,009 ppm oak
0,003 ppm spruce, pine
Measured after DIN V ENV 717-1 

We don´t have to talk about fromaldehyd in naturel wood, this is not the problem.
Sorry if i confused people...just wanted to make that point clear.

It is difficult, OSB is inexpensive and very very good as a building material.
But i think it is not free from problems.
If would suggest "three-layer-panels" Dreischichtplatten
Yes they are more expensive, but what is your price for your healthy???

About isocyanate we don´t know so much yet.
The institut of building biology says
that even if you cant find isocyanate in the air, we 
can find antibodies in the blood. This means that
our testing tools are less developed than our body ;)

Institut für Baubiologie + Ökologie Neubeuern IBN — Aktuelle Frage + Antwort

But as long as we are not sure, i will not use them in my home...

The question is, do we need a vapour barrier?
In the bathroom i would agree....

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