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Bane M. Prvanovic house at beocity...
Mon Dec 6 23:31:12 CET 2010

Dear fellows,

I can't believe some of things I patiently read here. From mine point of 
view, the winner is http://www.svepomocnastaveni.cz/?p=81. LUNATIC!!!

I tought that life-self-ruining is sport booked among Serbs only, but now I 
see that it is beloved at much wider population...

I'm still shocked!

To all of you who are refusing plastering straw-bale walls from both sides: 
Maybe you should try to gamble in some casino...


Regards to all common sence people,
Bane M. Prvanovic

GPB Solutions d.o.o.
Celopecka 8
11000 Beograd

t / f +381 11 386 23 29
m + 381 60 711 0 211

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