[Strawbale] Once again the problem with those little white insects.

Rolf Grooten rolfgrooten at gmail...
Wed Mar 25 15:04:14 CET 2009

HOI Cai,
following the discussions from Tilburg-region in Holland, I saw you write
from Amsterdam.
Are you resident in Amsterdam, or somewhere in Holland or Belgium ...?)

I write you out of curiosity. I am involved in a Ecovillage project here in
the south of Holland and in the near future we need experienced people with
the building of all kind of dwellings.

May I ask to introduce yourself to us?
For a start, please look at our website www.natuurlijkwoneninbrabant.nl   to
give you an idea of who and where we are. We are more than 160 subscriptions

Con Te,
Rolf Grooten
tel 06 107 59 765

2009/3/25 Caï van Hoboken <cavnhbkn3 at gmail...>

> Hé Rikki,
> To disencourage the reappearance of "them bugs' you could also make use of
> a lime-wash,
> once you`ve solved the moister problem.The alkalic surface is also
> resistant to fungi,alge and bacteria.
>  Good luck,Caï
> Amsterdam,NL
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