[Strawbale] Once again the problem with those little white insects.

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Wed Mar 18 21:39:21 CET 2009

Hi Rikki,

I don't remember the latin name. Some call them "plaster beetles".
No use killing them (no idea how). They come out of the walls if the 
walls are moist and if there are cracks to come out through.
- check out from which walls they come
- vacume one or twice a day
- check if there could be a humidity problem in those walls
- check out where the cracks are (and fill them up once the invasion is 
over, so that the wall is a better insulator and will absorb less 
moisture from air passing through)
Say: "thank you little beetles" (they are a 'nuisance', not a 'problem')
If they come back again after a year (in the same building) then there 
defenitely is a moisture problem in straw!


Rikki Nitzkin a écrit :
> HI all, 
> Just last year I remember asking about how to get rid of them little 
> white insects that sometimes appear in the plaster the first year 
> after building...
> There is another case of them and I want to send the contacts/info to 
> the person menaced with them, but I can't remember what they were 
> called (or the when we talked about them) to find them in the Straw 
> Archives. Can anyone help me?
> I seem to remember that the only solution was to kill them...but with 
> what? Any non-toxic/natural solution?
> thanks, 
> Rikki Jennifer Nitzkin
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