[Strawbale] Searching for the Danish SB R-value testing results

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Wed Mar 18 16:53:09 CET 2009

Hello, can anybody help me understand "Λ10"?
Dirk said: "Λ10,tr is the measured Lambda Value at dry conditions with 
10 degrees middle temperature"
He then explained that "middle temperature" = "mean value". Is that the 
same as "average temperature"?
>> - What do you mean by 'middle temperature''? Do you mean a 10 degree 
>> difference in température between the two sides of the tested staw bale?
> No, as far as I know the `10`degrees means the mean value (not the 
> difference) between the temperatures of the warm and the cold side of 
> the specimen.
Does that mean that one side can be 2 degrees and the other side 18 degrees?

André - let's just forget about those numbers and go mud plastering - de 

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