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Interactive Maps

Google Maps

Probably a zillion others exist, pachubes my favourite because it accepts
live feed data from smart meters, sensors and other data sources. A great
way to demonstrate to the luddites and doubting Thomass' that your low
carbon living, passive builds and eco-kit are the bees' knees! A dashboard
on your home website publishes the feed data in any format for lay people,
students and the wise techies to see it in 'real time'.

Harrison Embrey

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> It would be fun to see a map of the world showing all the countries 
> represented in the GSBN.

I like fun as much or more than the next person but I also tend to have a  
disturbing fondness for numbers.

To appease that unnatural fetish, perhaps rather than just showing an  
image of the world with countries' geo-political boudaries coloured-in, it  
might be even more fun to have every SB house in the Straw Bale Registry  
shown as a digital pin-head illuminated dot.

This would give an idea of SBH intensity and identify "SB hot spots" at a  
glance (and by corollary, SB Cold Spots that are in dire need of some SB  
Missionary work.

Ideally, this map would be self-managing where a digital pinhead would be  
inserted into the map automatically whenever an addition to the SB  
Registry is made.
Whether those pinheads be Blue, Red, Pink, Green or Brown (each with  
defined associations)and whether or not they flash and whether or not they  
flash in some sort of rhythm pattern could be something for discussion I  

Don't ask me how this would be done but with the more-than-a-thousand  
Listmembers on the various SB Lists, I'm fairly certain that there are any  
number of Digital WWWizards who could set this up quicker than you could  
say "Gezhundheit!"

Volunteer WWWizards please form a line to the left...

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Rob Tom
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