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On Wed, 04 Mar 2009 22:28:53 -0500, Bill Christensen  
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> The problem is that Google maps and similar web based tricks are TOO  

I don't think that we would need a "Google Maps" satellite photo-type  

I think that most people think of distant locales in terms of "nearest  
major city".

I think that would be "close enough" for the Matts' Fun Map of the SBH  

After all, we're talking "Global" here.

I don't think that someone in Uullaann Bbaattoorr (I don't know the  
correct numbers of each letter in the proper spelling, just discard the  
extraneous ones) needs to know that I'm actually located closer to the  
Villages of Carp or Dunrobin than I am to the former City of Kanata  
(although I am really in the City of Kanata, rural part, all of which is  
now part of amalgamated City of Ottawa).

The person in UB would probably be quite content with "Ottawa" as the  
pinhead locale, and on a Global-scale map, Ottawa-area pinheads would  
probably be in the same cluster and indistinguishable from pinheads  
representing SBH in the Montreal area (another province) or Kingston area  
(same province, different county).

I think that something like a scale of 1:33,000,000 should be fine. At  
that scale, the entire planet (not including the polar ice caps where I  
doubt there are any SBH) can be represented on a sheet measuring about 100  
x 56 cm  (~39 x 22 inches).

I think that even the most paranoid amongst us would (should) be  
comfortable with that.

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