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Sun Jan 25 23:50:56 CET 2009

I wondered if anyone can help me. I have a plot of land in the south of
France and plan to build a loadbearing house. 
I have been told by some friends that the French will not allow a
loadbearing house planning permission. Is this the case does anyone know??
if it is is there a work round since having a wooden fram seems to me to be
a waste of resources.
Thanks Carol


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Thanks a lot for your information! 
I´m planing to visit 'Luzku-Fuzku' during the construction. And plano b are
my friends, they work realy good!
My contacts and blog are www.terrapalha.blogspot.com
Hope to see you all in Belgium in August. 
Keep going! 
Catarina Pinto

2009/1/24 Max Vittrup Jensen <max at permalot...>

Dear all,

Just want to catch this email flow, and offer to host workshops for any
other 'Masters' touring Europe. We run the 'PermaLot Centre for Natural
building' in Czech Republic, a NGO initiative inspired by the Cob
Cottage Company and similar facilities in Norway and Russia. Our aim is
to teach the trade of Natural building to CEE country participants.
We're still limited by the fact that we are only able to offer
'in-house' accommodation during summer season, but are actively looking
for funding to create accommodation for 18 people upstairs in our 120
year old farm building.
We just renovated our site: www.permalot.org <http://www.permalot.org/> ,
and I'd encourage any
educators among you to make use of the new 'comic book' manuals I'm
making. You'll find them under the 'resources' tab on the site.

Here's some links for the Portuguese architect in case he'd prefer to
save our planet from more CO2 pollution from his travel(!), and may want
to stay home in Portugal and connect to the following:

The square SB approach by architect/earth builder Eduardo Carvalho and
friends: http://www.planob.com/eng/planob.html
The curvy SB approach of Tamera: http://www.tamera.org/index.php?id=509
<http://www.tamera.org/index.php?id=509&L=0> &L=0
...Or the more home made approach of 'Luzku-Fuzku', which currently are
involved in making a micro theater of SB and cob:

Naturally, another option is to join us all at the Euro Strawbale
Gathering in Belgium in August, where several masters will be showing
their different approaches...

Max Vittrup Jensen,
Natural Builder and networker

>>> I have had a request by a Portugese arquitect looking for SB workshops
>>> oriented towards "profesionals"-anywhere in Europe
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