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Sun Jan 25 01:15:00 CET 2009

Thanks a lot for your information!
I´m planing to visit 'Luzku-Fuzku' during the construction. And plano b are
my friends, they work realy good!
My contacts and blog are www.terrapalha.blogspot.com
Hope to see you all in Belgium in August.
Keep going!
Catarina Pinto

2009/1/24 Max Vittrup Jensen <max at permalot...>

> Dear all,
> Just want to catch this email flow, and offer to host workshops for any
> other 'Masters' touring Europe. We run the 'PermaLot Centre for Natural
> building' in Czech Republic, a NGO initiative inspired by the Cob
> Cottage Company and similar facilities in Norway and Russia. Our aim is
> to teach the trade of Natural building to CEE country participants.
> We're still limited by the fact that we are only able to offer
> 'in-house' accommodation during summer season, but are actively looking
> for funding to create accommodation for 18 people upstairs in our 120
> year old farm building.
> We just renovated our site: www.permalot.org, and I'd encourage any
> educators among you to make use of the new 'comic book' manuals I'm
> making. You'll find them under the 'resources' tab on the site.
> Here's some links for the Portuguese architect in case he'd prefer to
> save our planet from more CO2 pollution from his travel(!), and may want
> to stay home in Portugal and connect to the following:
> The square SB approach by architect/earth builder Eduardo Carvalho and
> friends: http://www.planob.com/eng/planob.html
> The curvy SB approach of Tamera:
> http://www.tamera.org/index.php?id=509&L=0
> ...Or the more home made approach of 'Luzku-Fuzku', which currently are
> involved in making a micro theater of SB and cob:
> http://www.ecolivingportugal.org/2009/01/luzku-fuzku-agenda-2009/
> Naturally, another option is to join us all at the Euro Strawbale
> Gathering in Belgium in August, where several masters will be showing
> their different approaches...
> Enjoy,
> Max Vittrup Jensen,
> Natural Builder and networker
> >>> I have had a request by a Portugese arquitect looking for SB workshops
> >>> oriented towards "profesionals"-anywhere in Europe
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