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Thu Jan 22 14:20:44 CET 2009

Hello Rikki,

Our 6-day workshops are for both profesionals and owner-builders. We do 
not build a building during our workshops, thus allowing for many 
techniques to be taught and put to practice (SB infill, earth and lime 
plaster and earth building) rather than concentrating on getting a 
building finished. We have generally 2 or 3 professionals (mostly 
architects) during our workshops and they confirm that it is pleasant to 
learn in a non professional context and that this does not mean that it 
is less interesting for them. I consider that both professionals and 
owner builders need to start from scratch where SB building is 
concerned. I also find it makes a wonderful blend that is benificial for 
all concerned.
Our workshops are taught in French. More details on our website.

Best regards,
André de Bouter
La Maison en Paille

 Nitzkin a écrit :
> I have had a request by a Portugese arquitect looking for SB workshops 
> oriented towards "profesionals"-anywhere in Europe. 
> If anyone knows of any please respond on or off list as you see fit.
> thanks, 
> Rikki 
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