[Strawbale] Ventilated Rainscreen Assemblies on SB Buildings

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Fri Feb 20 19:54:53 CET 2009

On Fri, 20 Feb 2009 a certain scallywag wrote:

> I've been thinking that it would be a really good idea to work upa rough  
> starting point for straw bale wall rainscreen assemblies.

> I've been watching people throw  that term  around for some time butI  
> don't think anyone has a clue about "how."

Is the above true ?

I was under the impression that rainscreen-type claddings on SB buildings  
were in wide-spread use throughout most of the world in locales where  
plentiful and/or driving rains are common, based upon some of the comments  
I'd seen on the various SB Lists, where people have mentioned the use of  
timber claddings which I just ass-u-me-d would be configured as ventilated  
rainscreen assmblies.

So, if you have used ventilated rainscreen cladding assemblies on SB  
walls, whether those claddings be timber, metal, glass, masonry or  
pre-cast/tilt-up, please speak up so that we can prove this scallywag  

And if perchance the scallywag is right, I agree that the SB community  
should be talking about the "how" and not only just talking about it but  
making the process readily accessible to the general SB-building  

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