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HI James,
In my experience we didn't have "original" problems just the same as  
any other building....what is really important is to create a good  
team of owner, builder, technicians ...a team able to give  
institutions and to the project itself the security of the quality of  

i've participated as an architect in four legally built houses in  
spain, 2 in rural area and 2 in suburban area, and one is on his way  
nearby the center of a litlle town...

the possibility to have the building legal depends quiet a lot on the  
kind of land you have and the legal regulation that apply on it...
normally the legal process does not have as a main concern the  
material that you are using for building....
and a  great deal  depends on the disposition of  architect and  
technical architect  to assume the responsability of a straw building,  
responsability that is necessary to have the building legalized.

hope i could give you some help, hope to see more comentaries from  
best regards to all, valentina

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El 13/02/2009, a las 21:07, James Stubberfield escribió:

> Hi,
> I am interested in from hearing from anyone who has built, or is to
> planning to build, using straw bales in Spain. I am looking into the
> possibilities of building legally and wonder what experiences others
> have had.
> Thanks, James
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