[Strawbale] A friendly word from the administrator - please stay on-topic

Simon Blackbourn piemanek at gmail...
Tue Dec 8 15:06:55 CET 2009

Dear Balers,

Can we please bear in mind that this email list was set up specifically for
the purposes of discussing issues, asking questions and making announcements
that are directly concerned with strawbale building.

The list information page makes this very clear: "Discussions,
announcements, enquiries, etc., about building with strawbales in Europe." (
http://amper.ped.muni.cz/mailman/listinfo/strawbale )

While I understand that global warming, climate change, etc,. are major
concerns of many people on the list, it cannot be assumed we want to read
about them here, and this is definitely not the place for discussions of
their existence, causes, etc. There are many lists, websites and forum
around the world dedicated to discussion of those topics, so please use
those instead.

Please keep this list directly straw-related.

We really don't want to have to change the moderation policy of this list to
one of 'pre-moderation', where every message is checked/edited before it
appears on the list.

Thank you for your understanding.

Simon (list admin)
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