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Mon Dec 7 00:27:07 CET 2009

As surprised I was that nobody reacted on the mail and link to Lord  
Monckton, straw building can be linked or not.. and as mentioned  
should maybe be wiser to stick to straw issues?

The mail that followed did already not stick to straw-bale nor point  
of views...
And connected to straw-bale, it is as much as economics to climate.

The munk debate is one of the very few debates that happen. It is a  
fact that we seldom can see this, it is always one speech of one side  
or the other.
Whatever is said, I really would like to see more debates with the now  
famous "climate people" and leave the emotional speeches out. We need  
clever people that can decide for us.

I always was feeling amongst the very few that would build with  
natural materials mainly for other reasons then "eco"
Nevertheless environmental issues is never kept out amongst straw  
builders, or is seems that this eco hype is why people should choose  
for straw and natural materials.
I believe when comfort and all the other plusses of natural building  
would be more put forward to the mainstream it would be much more  
beneficial to all; contractors, pricing, applied technology ...
And it would simply be automatically good for the environment.

It is great that at least someone dared to put the link, ...
I really feel that the majority of the media is leaning to one side  
only. And in all this debate there should be much more attention to  
facts than on emotions and guessing.

I at least dare to say that I don't know and that this issue is too  
complex and there are too many "experts" that deal with this, all  
experts in their own field.
All also depends on the ability of an individual speaker.

My hope is that the decision makers are clever and truth will guide  

We are still the lucky few that maybe can build with natural  
materials, if the codes will let us...and if we can keep working.

Wish you all a great day,


On 6 dec 2009, at 18:47, Max Vittrup Jensen wrote:

> Dear all,
> While I was delighted to get the link to the  9 CBC Radio re-broadcast
> of the George Monbiot/Elizabeth May vs Bjorn Lomborg/Lord Nigel  
> Lawson,
> none-the-least as an affirmation that there's many other issues than
> straw that unites us, then I'm also seeing that it may be wiser for us
> to stick more to the straw issues, especially in light of the links  
> sent
> by Donald McHardy?
> Fact is that the quality and claims of those links are so offending to
> quite a few of us, that it could start quite a heated  
> discussion....kind
> of like the debates going on again and again between wind power vs
> nuclear issue etc.,
> I'm all for debates and discussions, however am I the only one to find
> these topics not to be suited for this list?
> This said then I'd also like to point out the significant difference
> between the moderated Munk debate with representatives of both sides
> (though far from experts!), compared to the recent one-sided
> link.....ahm...!
> Cheers,
> Max Vittrup Jensen
> (and I'm just about to graduate as Msc. in Environmental Management!)
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>> this may also be of interest
>> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=stij8sUybx0
>> and the corresponding slide-show is here
>> http://www.friendsofscience.org/assets/documents/monckton_2009.pdf
>> altho a few slides missing, but persevere; they're important
>> D
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