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If you are looking for information from owner/builders and professionals
about straw-bale design and construction, check out these issues of The Last
Straw journal. Although the issues' publication dates range from 1998
through 2008, the topical information is basic and timeless:  sustainability
(#21), moisture (#22), codes and testing (#24 and #54), community building
(#35), roofs and foundations (#38), cost and budgeting guidelines (#41), and
earthen plasters (#43). For these issues only, and for the print format
only, the price has been reduced by 50% to $4.00 each plus
shipping/handling. Contact information listed below.

Joyce Coppinger
Managing Editor/Publisher
The Last Straw, the 40-page international
of strawbale and natural building
PO Box 22706, Lincoln NE USA 68542-2706
402.483.5135, fax 402.483.5161
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