[Strawbale] sb and earth quakes!

nora seed4peace at yahoo...
Tue Apr 7 22:17:26 CEST 2009

earthquake testing of sb in usa, very impressive results:



'Modesty is dangerous: If we believe we are here to do something, if in fact we have the daunting task of turning around a system which appears destined not only to degrade, demoralize and dehumanize us, but to destroy the ecosystem in the process - we don't have time for outdated social customs. You need to tell me what you can do, what you are good at, how you can contribute to helping to make these changes. And i in turn need to tell you the same. Anything less endangers us. Anything less leaves one of us wondering why the other is not being clear, 'Are you unaware of your gifts? Are you unsure of them ? Am i wrong in estimating your ability?'     Paxus Calta

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