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Mon May 26 18:56:04 CEST 2008

Rikki, there is a thread called Psocids infestation  in the August 2004 
I remember I sent another email at a later date, but can't remember when 
that was.
It took 3 years for the bugs to disappear completely in my house.
I remember they had a clear preference for the white ceilings and every 
September their number decreased spontaneously.
Hope this info helps.
Regards, Lieve.

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I seem to remeber that at some time people have mentioned having
problems with these tiny bugs that sometimes appear in the straw (due
to the humidity? latent eggs?)...but I can't seem to find the thread/
archives about it...can someone give me a hint as to what to search
for in the archives? A woman here in spain is having a problem and
needs help with the solution...

Rikki Jennifer Nitzkin
rikkinitzkin at earthlink...
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