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Thank you Herbert for the drawing.

I have no drawing of window details used in France. Most french SB 
builders use nothing other than plaster worked towards the window frame 
and (normally) a big window sill under the window. The little space 
between plaster and the frame is often ,but not allways :-( caulked. 
I've noticed that caulking does not allways work well as it does not  
allways adhere well to the plaster (or cannot span the with of the space 
between plaster and frame wich fluctuates with weather conditions). Also 
(outside) earthen plaster tends to fail and the caulking just holds a 
few mm of earth.
Typacily no diamond lath or other flashing is used.
I have the impression that diamond lath could maybe reduce the 'crack' 
opening up. Flashing details on the sides of the windows that I have 
seen discussed in the US seem of little use to me. I've seen drawings of 
several layers of felt behind the plaster. Having several layers of 
waterproof material without draining to the ouside looks pointless.

Is this clear Rob Tom?


asbn a écrit :
> Dear Rob Tom, dear Andre
> Here is our infill-strawbale-wall, we use and build in Austria, incl.
> details of window and roof.
> Discription is in german, but I think you will understand the drawing.
> If not, feel free to ask...
> http://www.baubiologie.at/download/wandaufbau_strohballen.pdf
> Best wishes,
> Herbert Gruber
>>>> problem of air (and water) infiltration between the window and door
>>>> openings and the plaster. (which is allways so difficult to really close
>>>> up)
>> Andre;
>> Do you have a sketch or section drawing that shows the typical detailing
>> that is currently used by you and/or in parts of Europe where you have
>> worked or visited ?
>> In particular, I'd be interested in seeing details to ensure continuity of
>> the air barrier at the interior and flashing details at the exterior,
>> around door and window openings.
>> That would give me a starting point when considering suggestions to offer.
>> As it is, I have no idea of current Euro-practise in this area.
>> Ideally, the sketches would be made available on the web so that others
>> can participate in the discussion.
>> Feel free to use the file-sharing functions of the SB-r-Us yahoogroup if
>> that would be easiest.
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