[Strawbale] Re: closing the gap between plaster and framing

asbn asbn at baubiologie...
Wed Mar 19 09:53:21 CET 2008

Dear Rob Tom, dear Andre

Here is our infill-strawbale-wall, we use and build in Austria, incl.
details of window and roof.
Discription is in german, but I think you will understand the drawing.
If not, feel free to ask...


Best wishes,
Herbert Gruber

>>> problem of air (and water) infiltration between the window and door
>>> openings and the plaster. (which is allways so difficult to really close
>>> up)
> Andre;
> Do you have a sketch or section drawing that shows the typical detailing
> that is currently used by you and/or in parts of Europe where you have
> worked or visited ?
> In particular, I'd be interested in seeing details to ensure continuity of
> the air barrier at the interior and flashing details at the exterior,
> around door and window openings.
> That would give me a starting point when considering suggestions to offer.
> As it is, I have no idea of current Euro-practise in this area.
> Ideally, the sketches would be made available on the web so that others
> can participate in the discussion.
> Feel free to use the file-sharing functions of the SB-r-Us yahoogroup if
> that would be easiest.

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