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Thanks for that link - I had a look at it and I'm pretty sure they are 
psocids (plus the odd plaster beetle, typeD: sylvanus bidentatus).
But I'm still puzzled, though not overly worried, why they are there when 
the bales haven't been plastered yet, have been stored dry and well-aired.


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On Tue, 08 Jul 2008 08:54:56 -0400, peter van balen <peter at tentotwo...>

> So I remain a bit puzzled (maybe they're not psocids?)


If you've not already had a look at the "Bugs In Wet Conditions" file
stored as SB-r-Us, you might want to. It will have images of the various
critters that appear in human environments when there are amenable
elevated moisture levels and contains discussion about each.

When trying to capture the images of little critters whose size may only
be 1.5 - 3 mm in size, it sometimes is more effective to use a scanner
rather than a camera.

What I've often done is *gently* sandwich the little critters between
pieces of acetate (or similar thin, hard, clear plastic), taping the edges
if necessary to prevent their escape and then place the bug sandwich onto
the platen of the scanner, juxtaposed with a scale and covering with a
sheet of white paper --and then scan both sides at the highest resolution
setting possible.

If you end up with good quality "mug shots" of your as-yet
unidentified/questionable-identity bugs, I'd be happy to include them in
the file for future reference.

Good quality images always make identification easier.

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