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Hi Peter,

Karl Jay-Lewin from the Findhorn Founfation in Scotland had quite a problem 
with these in his strawbale house which persisted for several months and he 
had to resort to some form of pesticide to get rid of them, I'm not sure if 
Karl is on this list? if not I'll see if I can find out more info.

bale on
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The house I just built had some psocid infestation a few weeks ago.
But now the moisture levels have dropped again after the finish
plaster they have disappeared again as is the case in all the
instances I know about. psocids need some moisture. Possibly there is
an area somewhere maybe on the outside of the walls where the moisture
is sufficiently higher to support the psocids. You should strive
though to add the first layer of plaster as soon as possible inside
and out. This is a sure cure to psocids with dry bales if they persist
it is a sure sign of moisture somewhere.


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> Does anyone lnow of these little insects to be present (in small
> numbers?)
> in dry straw bales ? We've got 2-3mm long insects coming out of the
> bales, I
> think, (and only visible when "walking" over the woodwork), that
> look like
> this : 
> http://picasaweb.google.co.uk/strawbales/Psocids?authkey=m9uYiMySu7g
> The bales were very dry (having been stored in a polytunnel; measured
> humidity in straw 8-10%) when put in the house (as in-fill); now the
> measured humidity has increased till about 15%, still fine I think.
> The
> bales have not been plastered (yet).
> Any thoughts?
> Peter (van Balen)
> France
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> Rikki, there is a thread called Psocids infestation in the August 2004
> archives.
> I remember I sent another email at a later date, but can't remember
> when
> that was.
> It took 3 years for the bugs to disappear completely in my house.
> I remember they had a clear preference for the white ceilings and
> every
> September their number decreased spontaneously.
> Hope this info helps.
> Regards, Lieve.
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