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One very good thing in Spain (catalunya-valencia) is that you can find  
rice-straw that is a good quality of straw for building
Every year the quality change....because of different growth-water in  
the field...so you really must check your supplier year by year..
At the moment there are no expert supplier as you can find in  
germany....but we are working at the european level to set a sistem of  
local certification...

We made already 4 legal-houses and1little community building....to do  
so we use information of tests from other country and a lot of talks  
with pubblic officers...

Now the law of building has change and in a way is a better change for  
straw bale because allows much more innovation...on the other hand the  
pubblic offcials ara more insecure because they still don't know the  
new procedures...so they are more careful and ask for much more  

For insurance...if you use a wood structure or another "traditional"  
structure you can get insurance.....the simple one...if you want the  
insurance that allows you to sell the house before ten years have been  
passed...than you have much more trouble and you may need to go trough  
a quiet complex procedure of testing and controls....

un saludo, valentina

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El 16/12/2008, a las 18:33, Sarah Phillips escribió:

> I am thinking of building a straw bale house in Spain.
> Does anyone know how easy it is to get good quality bales here?
> Any other advice much appreciated.
> Thanks
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