[Strawbale] Straw bales in Spain

Patrick O'neill patrick at frdata....uk
Wed Dec 17 10:56:22 CET 2008


If you speak Spanish http://www.casasdepaja.org/ is a good site.

Building straw bale legally in Spain is difficult because the material  
is not  been approved by the national architects association.  (or had  
not been in 2006 when I last checked)

I think that a couple of legal straw bale buildings have been approved  
individually but it is an expensive process.

Building illegally in hidden away places is possible and much more  
common for straw bale in Spain.

Spanish building and planning law is different than UK (not better or  
worse just different) and it helps to understand it.

If any one has more up to date info on approval of SB is Spain I would  
very much like to know as I want to do a legal SB build in Spain.


Quoting Sarah Phillips <sarah at eticas...>:

> I am thinking of building a straw bale house in Spain.
> Does anyone know how easy it is to get good quality bales here?
> Any other advice much appreciated.
> Thanks

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