[Strawbale] Straw bale in Bulgaria

Sissy Hein sh at fasba...
Thu Sep 27 18:14:17 CEST 2007

Dear Lee,

on the ESBG there were two participants from Bulgaria who told about 
straw bale in your contry:
Antoine Rozenblad and Jens Haberkorn, maybe you would like to take contact:
JS_Habi at web...
tonio.rozen at libertysurf...
Wish you all the best for your building activity

Sissy Hein
from fasba Germany

Lee Gilbert wrote:
> Hi
> First post to this list, to say that I have just got planning permission
> to build a small strawbale cottage in the Rhodope mountains of Bulgaria,
> not sure but this might be the first strawbale build here in?  Hope to
> complete both the round 35 metre reciprocal roof cottage and a mixed
> strawbale and cordwood storage barn in next few months, two larger
> strawbale projects planned for next year.  I am designing and running the
> build with the help of my husband and the local villagers, who are very
> excited about the materials we will be using.
> Regards
> Lee Gilbert
> Bulgaria
Sissy Hein
Auf dem Schloss
99438 Tonndorf
Festnetz 036450 448839
Handy 0049 1577 3910141

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