[Strawbale] Round Wooden Top Plate

Rob Tom ArchiLogic at yahoo...
Wed Mar 21 22:15:58 CET 2007

A round building would (should) have constant radii of curvatures so that  
2.4 m long  curve template for the inner and outer radii can be used to  
set up/check the proper curvature at any point of the foundation, SB walls  
or top plate.

With conventional buildings (ie wood, masonry) a curvature template cut  
 from a piece of plywood is typically used .

In the case of a SB wall, where a box beam is often used for the top  
plate, the curvature template/bending jig (for bending the 19mm thick cord  
lamiations) would simply be the "waste" portion of the OSB or plywood from  
which the curved webs of the box beam are cut.

Some triangular brackets made of short stubs of 38 x 64 or 38 x 89 mm  
lumber + scraps of ply or OSB can be attached to the curvature template at  
points along the edge, say 600mm apart, against which the  19mm lumber can  
pulled/bent, using woodworkers clamps.

The process would be to butter the faces of the lumber to be laminated  
with glue, then clamp them against the bending jig and then drive in a few  
screws (inexpensive drywall screws are fine) to hold the laminations  
together until the glue sets, freeing up the clamps to be used on the next  

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