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Tue Mar 6 16:41:09 CET 2007

Hi again Patrick

>>Donald was it you who posted a few months ago about your
>>render not drying??
>>How did it work out in the end??

>it took a long time to dry ... nearly 2 weeks for the wall/ceiling

Actually, thinking back, it was over 3 weeks ... hence my concern!

On a different topic, you may recall the discussion about how to get plaster 
to adhere to the window frames, roof bar and the myriad ply/osb surfaces 
that the plaster wouldn't stick to.

I went to my local garden centre and bought sheets of dried grass matting 
and stapled that on. I can't remember what it's called, but if you go to the 
section where they sell rolls of bamboo and other garden screening material 
you'll find it. It's brown and comes in 2m & 4m rolls. about £15 a roll (a 
drop in the bucket comapred to overall costs) and it is absulutely *superb* 
for the job.

It staples up no probs onto any flat wooden surface and the plaster sticks 
to it like glue. It forms a natural, pleasing curve round windows and 
doorframes and even upside down the plaster sticks to it.

All in all a fine project. Learned loads about the realities and logistics, 
paints ... tons of stuff. For sure it's way too big for a first building but 
it's big enough for 2 purposes, so right now it's doubling up as a gymn as 
well as an office. In time it may just become the 



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