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donald mchardy fieryx at hotmail...
Tue Mar 6 15:44:24 CET 2007

Hello Patrick!  :-)

>Donald was it you who posted a few months ago about your
>render not drying??
>How did it work out in the end??

Yes, that was me. It was fine ... it just took *ages*.

We think this is why.
As you'll recall we were doing the interior (your bits turned out real 
nice). The windows weren't in so the inside was cooling, but was getting no 
breeze or sun effect that the exterior had when we'd done that. Even on a 
November day, the sunshine with a little breeze had made a profound 
difference to the drying time on the exterior.

The interior had a more stable tempereature (cold) and no breeze, so it took 
a long time to dry ... nearly 2 weeks for the wall/ceiling corners. I just 
thought I had a bad batch of mortar or I'd done something stupid.

If you're down this way you're very welcome to come have a look.



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