[Strawbale] Straw bale building for cold weather?

donald mchardy fieryx at hotmail...
Fri Mar 2 17:05:47 CET 2007

>"Promotion of Straw Bale Building for the Climate Change Mitigation".

Is this climate change warming or cooling?

people, people, people...

We all have to realise that if there is any global warming, it's likely due 
to the sun, not humans.

But in any case, the earth may be cooling rather than warming (and those old 
enough to recall have to remember that the "big threat" 30-40 years ago was 
global cooling)
and many, many, many others

If we are to discuss and talk about thermal properties wrt strabale or 
anything else, we ought to have a working knowledge of the facts *as they 
are known*.

What we do have is imminent peak oil and a global resource grab for what is 
left. Either government can educate the populace about peak oil and 
precipitate strong social "activity" or babble about global warming, promote 
pliability and leave avenues open for even greater population control and 
erosion of personal freedoms, all in the name of eg "fighting terrorism"?

Remember any meteorologist/scientist who works for a university is a 
government emplyee. Any meteorologist/scientist who works for a large 
media/news organisation is effectively a government employee. ergo they will 
tow the line for fear of losing their job. It is happening already.

Straw-bale has great thermal properties, it is beautiful to live in, it's 
even fun to build and can forever be extended, changed around or whatever. 
But we are not building these things to prevent global warming.


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