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On Thu, 31 May 2007 21:16:48 -0400, Catherine Wanek  
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> Thus Ted had to use rebar pins,
> wire mesh, etc., which many experienced straw-bale builders now would
> choose to avoid.  Therein (I believe) lie Rob Tom's criticisms.

Actually, "no".

As mentioned, it has been a number of years since I first saw the DVD but  
a few of the items that come to mind now (aside from the above) have more  
to do with basic building techniques/methods and basic design that would  
apply to buildings of any sort, not having anything to do with Code  

ie Foundation forming technique
    Concrete finishing method (aside from the acid-etched concrete choice)
    Framing technique
    Sheet metal roofing technique
    "Passive solar" design

... all of which were done improperly and/or just plain badly and to  
suggest that they were done with any degree of "awareness" is simply  

"Awareness" suggests to me that one first has an understanding of the  
basics and having contemplated them, implemented changes that are an  
improvement upon the norm .

That was not the case in the BWA DVD that I viewed.

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