[Strawbale] To Jana & Ivan (Straw Bale House)

Cherie Barclay chezneil at hotmail...
Sun Feb 4 01:33:41 CET 2007

Hi Jana & Ivan

we are from Bendigo (south east Australia). We work with inventors and have 
a new Project for wheat straw starting here soon. This is brilliant 
recycling machinery, which will make the 'next generation' straw building 
products! Will build very affordable houses - the machines will make large 
lightweight bricks, lumber, wall sheets, tiles and even the doors!

It will be a Pilot Factory located near Bendigo - please keep in touch with 
us later, and we will be expanding to other countries soon.

Maybe you will get to see a factory and the products (will make low cost yet 
high tech houses).

A complete building system, easy to learn. And anyone (like yourselves) 
could make an excellent business out of this. Can also use RICE STRAW (straw 
in any condition, as long as its dry - does not have to be top quality 

Please email and keep in touch.

Where exactly is the straw bale house you are building?


Cherrie Barclay and Neil Harrington
chezneil at hotmail...
Bendigo - Australia

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>To: Strawbale at amper....muni.cz

>   First of all, thanks to everyone for the quick replies. We are going to 
>reply to everyone individually, but realised we might as well post some 
>more general information for everyone.
>   We are hoping to get started on the house sometime in August. If anyone 
>is interested in joining us for the building process, we would of course be 
>extremely happy - so if you are interested, send us your e-mail address, 
>and we will contact everyone as soon as we know the exact start date. The 
>location will be in beautiful hilly/foresty surroundings.
>   As far as the actual house plan goes, we have an idea which we want to 
>develop into a definite design plan in the near future, but we are still 
>open to suggestions. We are thinking of something alternative, in terms of 
>the shape and space layout, relying on natural materials (Straw bale, wood, 
>stone, lime...), and maximising solar passive design. As far as the shape 
>goes, innitially we were going for a spiral design, but found it difficult 
>to get it to do and look like what we wanted. We are quite influenced by 
>this house: www.simondale.net/house , in terms of the organic shapes, in 
>particular the fusion of the roof and wall structural beams. At its most 
>basic, it will not be a "box-shape" house. So if anyone has any ideas they 
>are interested in sharing/trying out, please let us know.
>   The house will also be off-grid, so we will be adressing all the 
>renewable energy, waste disposal/recycling, water, etc issues as well, but 
>first we want to concentrate on finalising the house design, so we can get 
>the ball rolling with the planning permission authorities....
>   Looking forward to hearing from everyone.
>   Jana and Ivan
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