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Hi Stewart

I hope all is good with you? the sprayer can be hard, messy and noisy work 
( mixer and compressor running all day) and you need a strong pair of arms 
to hold it up all day, it took a bit of trial and error to get the right air 
pressure but once I got into the swing of things it can cover quite an area 
in one day (one mixing the lime and sand and one spraying it on the wall) 
compared to what two of us could do by hand. But I still prefer to have five 
or six people doing it by hand in peace and quiet and having a good chat and 
and a laugh whilst doing it although this is not possible on all builds, one 
thing it is good for though is covering the annoying loose bits that can be 
a chore by hand.

hope to catch up with you again sometime
warm regards
and bale on
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On 20 Mar 2007 at 12:00, Chug. wrote:

> if you want info on Torolessa then I got mine from Nolan Sheid

Is it a success, Chug? I remember you asking about that a while ago. Does it 
do a
good job?

Having now helped out on several jobs where lime render was applied by hand, 
I find
it quite a pleasing job - very satisfying and tactile. Not sure the 
Torolessa could match
that, and with three or four people helping, you can get a surprising amount 
done in a

Stewart H.

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