[Strawbale] Concrete Base & Some More Comment

Arda Sander ardasander at gmail...
Fri Apr 6 07:49:52 CEST 2007

Here is a drawing that we implemented last year.
Depending on the surface water level you can rise the building more than 
that or depending on the earthquake risk level and frost dept you can 
make the foundation deeper. But I have to admit that the wooden base 
plate was somewhat expensive. I assume that you can put the bales right 
on top of RC, with a good insulation of course. That would be more 
practical and cheaper too.
And about the electro magnetic waves; the "east" and "south" (from the 
perspective of the "developed" world) have other, more important 
environmental and social issues that are much more vital and require 
much greater focus and energy considering this issue. No offense, but it 
sound rather funny to hear from "developed" world such comments, when 
there so much to change about the global system. And I am also pretty 
sure that there are more important environmental issues in your 
countries too that need some scientific consideration.

Best regards, and warm greetings.
Arda Sander

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