[Strawbale] Concrete Base - foundations question??

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Tue Apr 3 14:47:45 CEST 2007

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To actually try and answer your question...

In my experience, nearly all SB buildings have some sort of foundation plate that the 
straw bales are built upon. That is to say, a wooden platform, usually about 100mm 
thick and about as wide as a bale, running all around the edge of the foundations, and 
anywhere else a SB wall is to be built.

Because of the hollow nature of this plate (it's usually made of studding sandwiched 
between plywood, or similar), it allows the bottom of the bale a little ventilation, and even 
drainage, if necessary. It also, importantly, raises the bale above floor level, so that if 
there is any water spillage it won't soak the bales. On a solid concrete floor, this will be 
important. Given the intended use of your building, it may even be a good idea to make 
the plate a little thicker, so that the bottom bale is raised a little more.

I've also seen a goatshed build upon loose laid concrete blocks (laid flat, lengthways 
across the foundation, each separated by a couple of inches), though I'm not sure this is 

Environmental consideration are of course important, but I also happen to thing that 
pragmatism is important. Responsible use of concrete (and steel) can have a place in 
SB building.

Stewart H.

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