[Strawbale] Concrete Base - foundations question??

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Ah yes, you need a strong floor.  But concrete is a modern material, mostly used since the demise of the heavy horse.  My point remains intact.  Do allow the limecrete plenty of time to carbonate before allowing iron shod horses on it.  Best advice from Ty-Mawr at: http://www.lime.org.uk/
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  I agree.  I do need strength as it's a stable block for horses (i.e. heavy animals!).  Limecrete is an option but I've not yet found enough information on cost etc to make a final decision.


  For now the important question remains regarding the design of the foundations.







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  Why do you require a large concrete base?  What's the point of using an eco-friendly material like straw bales on top of an eco-unfriendly material such as concrete?


  How about an earth floor, or limecrete if you really need something solid?

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