[Strawbale] Concrete Base - foundations question??

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Hi Kurt,
what i know is that if a steel ship is moored for a long time (a year or so)
in the same direction it gets magnetised in the same direction as the earth
magnetic field. To let the compasses work well the ships then need to be
demagnetised. So parallel i guess that the steel in concrete will also adapt
to the local magnetic fields and over time, like a cameleon, have the same
properties as the land beneath. 
The good thing of steel is that it does shield off lots of electro magnetic
radiation. so for that reason i might rather use some steel in my straw
walls rather then to be afraid of magnetic disturbances. However i'm not
very experienced with devining and i'm sure a sourcer can tell you more
about this
Joost Brand


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if you want to use concrete, you should think about the iron that you usaly
us in the concrete. This iron can extremly change the magnetic field of the
earth!!! And i dont belive that this is good. Some people made experiments
with straw fibres or littel metal fibres. 

wish you all the best.... 


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