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Stewart, thanks for replying.  Yes, I meant the Bristol Greenhouse.

|  With a big enough roof overhang, it should not be possible for water
| ingress to occur at that point.

-- Oh yes: it will - regardless of the size of the overhang.  Up
here in north-east Scotland with our gale-driven horizontal rain it
certainly is a problem.  (For anybody who hasn't seen the plans on the web,
the roof is quite flat - just a gentle slope - and the overhang therefore
does not cover the top of the render.)  But perhaps the house is in a
position and the lack of roof detail might not be a problem.


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| On 26 Sep 2006 at 18:15, Kitta Potgieter wrote:
| >> ...the Bristol Greenhouse build?
| >> http://www.bristolgreenhouse.co.uk/index.html
| > I looked at your website.
| Not my website; just a project I've helped out on.
| > Interesting.  How are you going to protect to the
| > top of the lime render on the side elevations in order to prevent water
| > creeping in? Are you going to lime over the roofplate so that the top of
| > lime is just below the roof, or are you going to fix another fascia over
| > roofplate to cover the top of the lime?
| I can't give a definitive answer to this, since I've not spoken to the
owner about it, and
| have not seen first hand the roof details.
| But I do know he is planning to use a clay mix for the render, because the
| around the build is full of it. The roof is to be a turf roof (hence the
engineered joists),
| and should have a substantial overhang all round. I suspect he will render
to the top
| of the straw, up to the roofplate, but I would think rendering over the
timber would be
| less successful. With a big enough roof overhang, it should not be
possible for water
| ingress to occur at that point.
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