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Dear all,
I've moved the course list I mentioned a while back from
www.greenhamlet.com <http://www.greenhamlet.com/>  to
www.naturalhomes.org <http://www.naturalhomes.org/> . The straw bale
list is at http://naturalhomes.org/learning-straw.htm. You will also
find pages for cob, cordwood etc. There are now 49 straw bale courses
around the world plus more about lime and clay which are in the 'walls'
section. I've also started project listings under
http://naturalhomes.org/house.htm. If anyone would like me to include
their projects then feel free to send me details at
house at naturalhomes.... Thanks to everyone who sent details of their
straw bale courses.
The first of the projects is at
http://naturalhomes.org/straw-denmark-vig.htm a straw bale spiral home
in Denmark.
There is also a book section with links where possible to the author's
website. If you have any information you think should be published to
support natural home builders then please contact me.
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