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Hi Lucy

as Rikki suggested try Martin Hammer mfhammer at pacbell... he has been looking into SB building codes from around the globe and will 
probably have some info that can help you.
Agenda 21...theoretically it should help, but if Greece is anything like the UK then it only really gets lip service.

bale on
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Hello to all fellow straw bale builders and/or dreamers
I'm a straw bale dreamer at the moment! and new to this site.
I live in Kalamata, Southern Peloponese, Greece. I'm planning to build with
straw for all the obvious reasons, at the moment my biggest obstacle are the
building regulations that are concerned (quite rightly) with earthquake
'proofing' To conform to these regs I must use vast amoiunts of
planet-destroying concrete. There may be a way round this, I'm still
Has anyone built in Greece or faced similar obstacles? also I've come across
'Agenda 21' does anyone know if this can be used as a legal leaver to
persuade local planning departments to adopt a more open-minded approach to
eco-friendly new building techniques?
Any thoughts, comments, ideas MOST welcome

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