[Strawbale] greek SB building

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Tue Mar 7 22:59:08 CET 2006

Try getting in touch with the California Strawbale Building Association.  In 
CA all SB buildings are built with "Earthquake" considerations.  I don´t 
have the exact link to them, but I was talking to arquitect Martin Hammer 
there last week and he could probably orient you.


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>Subject: [Strawbale] greek SB building
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>Hello to all fellow straw bale builders and/or dreamers
>I'm a straw bale dreamer at the moment! and new to this site.
>I live in Kalamata, Southern Peloponese, Greece. I'm planning to build with 
>straw for all the obvious reasons, at the moment my biggest obstacle are 
>the building regulations that are concerned (quite rightly) with earthquake 
>'proofing' To conform to these regs I must use vast amoiunts of 
>planet-destroying concrete. There may be a way round this, I'm still 
>Has anyone built in Greece or faced similar obstacles? also I've come 
>across 'Agenda 21' does anyone know if this can be used as a legal leaver 
>to persuade local planning departments to adopt a more open-minded approach 
>to eco-friendly new building techniques?
>Any thoughts, comments, ideas MOST welcome
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