[Strawbale] "Re: Contents of Strawbale digest..." rammed-earth SB house which is being finished this summer in Spain

Ben Albu ben at albu...
Fri Jun 2 14:33:37 CEST 2006

Hi Patrick,

I am also interested in such a house, but where was it build in Spain ?
Do you know where I can find some pics of it ?

Kind regards

Ben Albu

On Fri, 02 Jun 2006 14:19:44 +0200, Patrick O'Neill <patrick at frdata....uk>  

> I was very interested in the rammed-earth SB house which is being  
> finished
> this summer in Spain. I am looking at a similar project in Guadalajara  
> for
> 2007.
> I would like to see your photos.  I considered a rammed earth wall on the
> south but I was worried about differential settlement with the other SB
> walls.
> At the moment our plan is 3 SB walls and a glass wall on the south  
> side.  We
> will use shading and insulated/reflective shutters to manage the solar  
> gain
> entering the building from the south and thick earth floors, earth  
> internal
> walls and earth staircases for thermal mass.
> Question
> We plan to support the beam over the window on threaded bar and adjust  
> it as
> the straw settles dose any one have experience of this???
> Patrick

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