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Wed Jan 18 13:26:41 CET 2006

Hi Harald

I'm very interested in the heating system you mention, but the potential
project is a very low budget one - so can you tell me if this was an
expensive and/or complex system to install?

And do you think it could be powered by a small windmill? The house will be
in a very windy location - the extreme south west tip of Ireland!

Best Wishes

On 18/01/06, avantgarden at wxs... <avantgarden at wxs...> wrote:
> ..... the remarkable thing about is the heating system.
> The house is standing in a rather shady situation, sad enough, solar
> systems cannot be applied for heating. Instead electricity is used to
> extract warmth from the outside air and sending this warmth via water
> through pipes. Those heat up the loam stucco inside the house. Who knows
> the english term for Luftwärmepumpe, I guess its not airwarmthpump;-)
> The bad thing about it is, that it needs electricity for this process.
> The good news is: It needs very little maintanance and consumes little
> electricity. Last week I noticed a weekly average of 25 KW per day
> keeping the house temperature at 20 C° whith an average outside
> temperature of -3 C°.....
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