[Strawbale] Wooden Stove & Windows Insulation

Duncan Lithgow duncan at lithgow-schmidt...
Mon Jan 2 18:55:48 CET 2006

Alice Reite wrote:

> Between the wooden windows and the wooden wall the *best possibel 
> material you can choose is sheep wool* (unwashed - buy it directly 
> from the farmer). Its wonderfull to work with, it makes it really 
> delicious to work!
> By the pipe I would use Leca (expended burnt clay) in a clayplaster, 
> or - if you are out of the fireprotected sone I would use the sheep 
> wool here too.

I agree with what Reite writes. Leca and Perlite are both virtually 
fireproof. Avoid the Leca produced as insulation - it's a big energy 
consumer in production. I'd prefer Perlite as a naturally occuring 
product with only mining and transport costs to the environment.

Sheeps wool is very good, just make sure you talk with someone local to 
check if some anti-insect treatment is needed. People seem to just 
plaster over the wool in that last remaining cm or so. I don't 
personally think that's a good solution becasue the wood and plaster 
will move differently and there will be a crack. Such cracks contribute 
greatly to increased air change and cooling of the window frame, and 
thus heating costs. I suggest you fix a 3-5mm wooden batton to the 
windows frame and plaster up to that. Then pull the wood out later and 
fill the gap with something that can expand and contract. Unfortunately 
I can only think of synthetic mastics to do that job but it sure saves a 
lot of heating...

Maybe someone knows of a natural tar based product, even road tar might 
work if it was thick enough to apply from a tube.


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