[Strawbale] concrete footings

Predrag Cvetkovic predragcv at ptt...
Thu Feb 16 18:34:28 CET 2006

Carina wrote:
> For years and years people in Holland and Germany have been using brick
> foundations and bigger buildings have been standing for centuries. Just a
> suggestion!

Hello Carina
I've seen such foundations in Vojvodina (northern part of Serbia) especially
in old earth framed houses. But people who live in have problems with
moisture (Vojvodina is flat, maybe similar to Holland, where unfortunately
I've never been :)).
Now it is popular there to cut thick walls and put some insulation. Also, I
met a man who has removed the plaster about 0.5m high from earth to avoid
moisture to go up.
Maybe people in Germany use some internal insulation?

best regards

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