[Strawbale] working at the camp?

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Hi Michael,

If you have a look at the gallery on the camp site, you can see your 
questions answered with marvelous pictures of the buildings going up..


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>Subject: [Strawbale] working at the camp?
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>Chris Magwood said
>We have been offered an exceptionally affordable conference rate
>at  Camp Kawartha (www.campkawartha.ca), largely due to our help in
>building them a straw bale dining hall and greenhouse.
>Not quite clear on the details presented here I wonder if you could clarify 
>  "our"  Chris?
>Is the conference accomodation fee of $550.00 CAD offered on the basis of 
>conference participants providing labour to build two buildings for the 
>camp owners? Or would the conference participants have to pay  more than 
>$550.00 if they were  designers or other professional ( or physically 
>infirm) and were disinclined to participate on the construction site? 
>Perhaps they would rather spend  time associating with other professionals  
>in touring the area, perhaps visiting Toronto, Montreal the Great Lakes or 
>Niagara Falls? I make this point as I think it might be possible that the 
>social aspect of the conference might be of more interest to mature 
>professionals who are after all unlikely to fly half way around the world 
>at some expense rent a car, drive for hours on an expressway to then pay  
>to do something they  already know how to do?
>If the possibility arose that no one was willing to provide  Camels Back 
>Construction (by any chance?) with free labour to provide the owners of the 
>business Camp Kawartha with two buildings then how would this affect the 
>management of the conference personally? It would be better perhaps for 
>everyone to know ahead of time if they can leave the camp at anytime or if 
>they have to work there as the "low" conference fee assumes that they 
>will?…   ;^)
>This might seem a bit odd to mention but if the question is dealt with now 
>it might avoid "awkwardness" later?
>And we wouldnt want to leave the organisers with a net  deficit in 
>providing what will obviously be a wonderful experience for anyone  
>starting out in the straw bale building industry and students.
>Michael Lough
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