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donald mchardy fieryx at hotmail...
Mon Oct 31 19:43:49 CET 2005

Hi balers

Well, I'm not long in from my first plastering venture and just had a well 
needed shower - in fact I should perhaps have a second one!
fyi fwiw I'm plastering up a garden shed/office I've been building over the 
last 3 months or so - 6m x 7m.

Things I've learned this afternoon (evening)

1. don't plaster in the dark!
2. don't mix too much as you may not be able to use it.
3. trim the straw properly first - I think it takes more chainsawmanship 
than I thought
4. the plaster takes a *lot* of mixing before slapping it onto the straw.
5. good strong rubber gloves are essential.

Hi Chug...I'm the git from Guildford that bailed out on you at the last 
minute a few weeks back (father-in-law funeral), so grovelling apologies 

Tomorrow (if the plaster is still on the wall) I can perhaps make some more 
progress. Any tips would be appreciated as I need all the help I can get 

Cheers All


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