[Strawbale] updates from all you hardworking strawbale builders out there!

Simon Blackbourn piemanek at gmail...
Mon Oct 31 16:24:41 CET 2005

Hello everybody

Following on from the recent comment from a new member on how quiet the
SB-list has been recently, I thought it would be really interesting if
everyone who has been working on a project this year could send a short
update to the list?

It would be great to find out what's been going on, hear about exciting new
ideas and buildings, any problems encountered (and overcome!), links to
photos, etc.

I'm sure there is loads happening and as there are lots of new people
constantly joining the list (we're now up to 305 members) it would be great
for them to find out about it and I'm sure it will stimulate some new

And of course now winter's coming along we all need a bit of motivation and
inspiration to see us through to spring!

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