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G 'day Ruth

We fix the 4 x 2 studs to the top and bottom plates in the wall.  The
top plates and bottom plates are 40-50 mm wider than the bale walls.  We
then attach noggins every 600mm vertically to carry the cement sheeting.
IN between these now squares in the wall we apply a thick coat of render
before we attach the cement sheeting.  The joins are then waterproofed
prior to tiling.  We have to comply with the Building Code of Australia
in bathrooms.

Tadelakt would be water proof I am sure of that if applied well.  The
problem with this method is on eof time and it is very time consuming
hence costly if you have to have some one do it for you but it is
beautiful and Bill and Athena Steen have some great shots of their work
with this method as does Frank Thomas who is a specialist in this area
and does stunning work.  See their web sites:



Go to the bottom of the above page to see tadelakt.

Regarding 30% windows for the North walls that is only an educated guess
on my part with no research to back it up but it seems to work for our
own building and work very well indeed until My Little Wolverine put two
skylites in.

Re load bearing v in-fill you will need to sign up to the Yahoo SB r-us
discussion list where there are 800+ balers who will help you.
Personally I prefer load bearing to in-fill and the reason is simple
cost to the hip pocket and to the environment less is best and small is

It is not difficult to get planning permission for straw bale homes Down
Under all you need is a good structural engineer who will be prepared to
certify straw bale in WA.  Contact Gary Dorn in Perth for some advice
and contacts.  There are many straw bale homes in WA these days.

Got to go, back in two weeks gone bush building a SB apple cool storage
shed at Batlow.

Kind regards
The Straw Wolf

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